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tv   News  ABC  December 23, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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milans 162 million. >> suffolk county, new york. >> one ticket. >> how about that. >> long island that's where my in laws live. no wonder i haven't heard from them. megan who. >> rob who? >> we don't have any children. [ laughter ] >> and son of a gun. here he is, justin berk. >> they say in long island. >> a-ha. >> hmmm... u outside this morning the same story weir he' cold. and the same melting refreezing process we're watching delays at the bottom of the screen, temperatures ranging from 28, 24 in bel air, colder for the official report at bwi. looking at that now, feeling like 15 degrees. that's a bit of a shock to the system out there. if you get out. look out ice, a chill. a wide range to 20s. aiming for 33 with sun this
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afternoon. now for a:on the roads. here is kim brown. >> ice is playing a role. we have crashes to let you know about. a crash will be at philadelphia road and ridge road we're working crashes on the outer loop. that's a single vehicle crash off to the shoulder and an early crash at security boulevard. we had a crash on bel air getting on to the ramp. that's out of the lanes and traffic is able to get by. keep in mind the ice is out there especially on the on and off ramp. use caution. as we look here we're looking good as you make your way to cold spring lane. two days from christmas and a few days away from a birthday. >> a girl is shot and now police have nothing, no motive or suspects. and linda so is live this morning with the latest. linda, good morning.
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>> it is a sad situation for the family member. she is days away from her 16th birthday. she was in grave condition after she was shot in the head. all night detectives were out at the scene on the 4200 block of 10th street in the brooklyn area. the shooting happened around 8:30. she was rushed to shock trauma. they don't know if she was alone or with someone or it was random or targeted. they heard gunfire and the girl was lying in the middle of the street. a neighbor said things have gotten bad with shootings and drugs. right now police have no motive or suspects. if you have any information on the shooting, call the homicide unit at 410-396-2100. we're live at police headquarters. police need your help tracking down a man who assaulted a woman outside of her home. she walked out to her car on
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december 9th. as she started to go in a man with a life grabbed her and forced her into his car. if you have information about this call crime stoppers. 5:33 now. prosecutors believe that baltimore city mayor should gate new trial. this month the jury convicted dixon of embezzlement saying she took $525 worth of gift cards. her attorney filed a motion for a new trial saying the original was tainted. and they were friends on face back. it did not affect the outcome. , we have information and the institute for highway safety tests 60 models only 9
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boosters. , and it is to provide prizing this he are not doing that job. >> boosters are recorded and and shoulder and not recommended and provide all but one of the models. heading out west for the holiday officials have declared a state of emergency to prepare for blizzard like conditions that are rolling in today. a fast-moving storm tearing through the west will dump more than a foot of snow in colorado and utah. it took five years and trips in brazil and battle. it looks like the fight is ending. we have the details. trouble in paradise what
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happened to the plane in jamaica. now let's look at the forecast. >> it 20 in baltimore. until you head to york, pa. it is cold. mid-to-upper 20s. and after we take a look at the mta and mark jones, you will find the trains operating a regular system and on time on the lines. light rail and holding cho esto the time tables out on the buses look for the number 5 bus line to be bypassing clover dale. for the transit team, i'm mark jones.
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we're fog to have a little bit of ice on christmas morning but we should have no problems in through christmas day we'll
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warm up. the big issue is rain and flooding through saturday. we have a lot of snow and that will likely try to melt away. 40 degrees we showed you that. and let's show what you it looks like now outside. we have clear skies in baltimore. we have 28 degrees in stevenson not much of a wind chill. and 26 degrees. mostly sunny. patchy ice. be careful about that. about 33 with the sun. >> what we do have volume building of the maris burg expressway. and a couple of incidents working around the outer loop a crash and reported to be and that's been revised closer to frederick road. i'm getting word that's off to the shoulder. on the scene and the overpass
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and security boulevard and the ramp and the inner loop a crash is there and get by as we look and that's quiet as you maaing your way through downtown. >> back to you. 6:00 the last thing we want to tell you about this morning. >> 15-year-old girl is shot in the head, police want to know why. >> so far they have no motive or suspects.
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(announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. and the stop story shooting of a girl in brooklyn. a body was in the middle of the street we're live with the latest. >> reporter: the shootings are becoming common. the latest victim a girl who was days away from her birthday. she was in grave condition after she was shot in the head. detectives were were at the scene on tenth street. she was rushed to shock draw ma. they don't know if she was alone or with someone or random or targeted. neighbors heard gunfire, with
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enthey came out, she was in the middle of -- when they came out, she was in the middle of the street. >> she stayed to herself. it is a mystery. police have no motive. we're live at police headquarters, linda so, abc 2 news. the other stories we're working on. a plane is overshot the runway in jamaica. flight 3: -- 331 took off last night from reagan national in dc. a spokesperson says the plane came to a safe stop and all passengers are off the plane. there are no reports of fin being injured. and a bird strike after 9:00 created some tense moments. a plane reported being hit by a bird. the plane was able to turn around and land safely.
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great news the american father at the center of that five-year- long battle will be reunited with his son. the chief justice has ruled that david goldman should be reunited with his 9-year-old son. i was take non-2004 by his now deceased ex-wife. no date has been announced. and 5:45. more on the slots coming to anne arundel mills mall. since the story broke. christian schaffer has been covering the hearings from supporters and opponents and last night he sat down with the man who is trying to stop the slots from rolling in the county. you could see the machines by the fall of 2011 now the developer has the blessing of the council. but some are not done fighting. >> if we get the you are signatures it will not go into effect. >> reporter: his group represents people who live near the mall and they're concerned
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about crime, parking and traffic. >> if this is built with as few parking spaces as they are required to add, it will increase the problems. those parking problems are traffic problems when that backs on to the roads. >> they need 19,000 signatures from the residents. the first half are needed then 30 more to get it. if they are successful, the plan would be put on hold until november of 2010 when a referendum would appear on the ballot. >> we would be asking the citizens of the county to vote whether they agree with having a slots casino. the head of the company said he is confident especially after the vote on monday night. >> the people have voted they want slots the council and the commission ratified that.
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and he believes that a majority support the casino plan. >> a number of people, thousands who live in the district near the mills are supportive of the project today already. good morning. 20 degrees officially in baltimore. and mid-to-upper 20s. below freezing. head west we start to see a warm up. here is ohio at 31. and that's important that's a difference between rain some light snow now. ohio. could develop and pushing through 6 a.m. and the favorite of all the
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models. and. we have clouds from the west. and and the evening there may be flurries breaking out. rain for all the places and back to lexington. and floating problems. it is rain and indicating snow and or ice the first onset of precipitation if it before sunrise on friday could be in the it will turn to rain. and a high of 33 degrees. and we can make that snow pack.
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and we'll recover back and:out the weekend forecast in a moment. let's see what is happening. >> thank you traffic is good on the expressway and on 95 but we have a couple of incidents minor ones around the beltway. you will see a single vehicle crash off the shoulder. and the outer loop and the overpass and security boulevard. that is out of the travel lanes. if you are trying to get on the inner loop you make your way that is out of the travel lanes we have a crash on the scene at philadelphia and ridge road. i believe that black ice is playing a part in the crashes. we're looking good here as you make your way at northern
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parkway. >> thank you, kim. no, this is good news. check out the parade of lights as police officers and fire crews left the studios last night. it was the 11th annual toy drive they delivered thousands of toys to needy children. >> they ir. care about us it means the world. and christmas came early for some families in need.
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people are heading to the salvation army christmas warehouse to pick up clothes and gifts. of course the ravens were there on hand to distribute the presents. bill? and the salvation army we get to see this. this is wonderful. and we probability this. it they all watch you. i'm all for it. they say thank you and it chers
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them up. , they are helping out yes that's where we are. >> and, you know it is giving back and. >> and that's right. >> that's right. >> and my experience with youth at one point i lived in the salvation army. >> this is a blessing. >> merry christmas. >> enjoy the time. >> more toys will be distributed today. still ahead get the cake, candles out. >> time to celebrate a birthday. she is 53 and hard to buy for.
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at the ohio zoo a senior turned another year older. >> and it celebrated the 53rd
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birthday of colo. and is now the oldest gorilla in captivity. and keepers had a birthday cake she has lived at the zoo since her birth on the 22nd, 1956. at that time she weighed three pounds. bigger these days. that's what happened when you get older. the zoo said she suffers from arthritis but her heart is still very strong for her age and she has a good ap tide. aim has not improved her manners. it is her birthday. >> here is the weather now. wanted to make sure the teeth were working, right. >> sunny, temperatures go from a chilly start to a high of 33. and a 2-degree guarantee. midteens and 35, thickening clouds a chance of early morning ice on friday and
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turning rain and chilly rain and some melting. could lead to floating problems and cloud getting back into the 30s by early next week. stick around we have more of good morning maryland coming upó
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a girl is shot and left in the middle of a street. where police are in the hate. latest shooting. >> it has been a tough go to get to jamaica. stranded for eight hours and this plane misses its mark. >> we say goodbye to norm after all the years of line dancing and riding motorcycles and making forecasts. he is heading south. >> i'll never forget him walking through the newsroom in a pair of chaps, he does it all. >> he do


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